2016 PIT Report

All 64 players at the 2016 Portsmouth Invitational have been separated by positions and ranked within in their positions based on immediate pro impact. The players have also been giving a rating out of 5 (5 being the best, 1 being the worst) on how they performed during the four days at PIT.

Players Most Ready to Contribute in Europe

  • PG Alex Caurso
  • PG Maodo Lo
  • SG-PG AJ English
  • SG Melvin Johnson
  • SF-SG Marcus Georges-Hunt
  • SF-SG Thomas Walkup
  • PF-SF Dorian Finney-Smith
  • C-PF Matt Costello

Point Guard

Alex Caruso (Rating: 5)

Potentially looked like he has the most European pro potential in Portsmouth. The game comes to him very easy. His team looked the best of any team during the week and was by far the best at sharing the ball. And that was part of the ‘Caruso Effect’, his teammates benefit from the way he plays. Was very good at getting rid of the ball and throwing ahead in transition. His 3-point shot looked better at PIT and he was more willing to shoot from deep than during the season. Still the biggest part of his game he can improve upon. Because of his height he will be able to play and guard the 1 or 2 in Europe. Was active defensively, very good at deflecting passes and starting transition. Because he also played next to a small point guard last season and didn’t always have the ball in his hand, could be comfortable in a role as a 1 or 2. Attitude was great, was a leader for his teammate, lots of high-fives, compliments to his teammates, constant interaction.

Maodo Lo (5)

Lo and Caruso had the best feel of any guards at PIT. Both players just played at a different level of pace, had feel for the game, and the ability to organize the team. Lo also was a playing at a pro level of intensity. During the season he was mainly a long range shooter but playing more on the ball at PIT, Lo showed off some very creative ball-handling and passing. Even though he’s German had the feel of Spanish playmaker, all options offensively were open. Probably best in a combo role. Also dug in defensively, played with super focus on both ends. Was communicating very well. Mentality wise he just looked like a level above almost every player at PIT.

Wes Washpun (3)

Pesky lead guard who right now is more advanced defensively than offensively. He’s a grinder, applies great pressure defensively and always has a high energy level. Even had big blocks against centers at PIT. Can push the ball offensively but also was not always the one to initiate offense. Best in a situation with another key playmaker. His shot is quite funky and will need a lot of work. Washpun can be an aggressive driver but doesn’t have the feel to consistently make the right decision in traffic. He’s quite small, his lack of height stood out. But he’s a warrior and looks to be in great shape. Went up for a couple big dunks.

Angel Rodriguez (3)

Traditional point guard who is normally under control. Hard to rattle him, he plays at his pace no matter what. Is a lead guard who can set up the offense, hit some 3’s if given space, and make the correct pass. Led PIT in assists. Doesn’t have great creativity offensively. Because of his size and sometimes vanilla offensive game he can force passes or shots that are too tough to make. But he won’t back down from anyone. All of his teammates really respect him. Someone you want on your team from a personality perspective.

Alex Hamilton (3)

Coming into PIT Hamilton’s biggest weakness was his shot and it didn’t change much. He went 1/5 from 3 and his form looked like it still has to develop a lot. Hamilton was devastating in transition, he’s really shifty with the ball and is great attacking the rim in the open court. Pretty unselfish all week, had some really nice vision on the drive finding bigs with drop-off passes. Defensively he picked up full-court a lot and looked to be great in a team system that emphasizes pressuring the ball. Because of his size and agility was matched up with guards and forwards. Good rebounder for a guard, just plays hard all the time. Looked like he was in great shape.

Stefan Moody (2)

Put up some of the craziest shots of the week, will shoot from anywhere. Has amazing confidence. He can really heat up but it’s tough to play with him. Has super athleticism too, had a big block on center Jameal Warney. Needs to learn to play with teammates.

Shaq Harrison (2)

Crazy athlete, had the biggest dunk of the week. But has limited feel and no jump shot. Body looked strong. Needs to find a way to turn his athleticism into a pro role.

Juan’ya Green (1)

Wasn’t comfortable playing mainly off the ball at PIT as he was on-ball for most of his college career. Hit some spot-up 3’s but wasn’t that active in his team’s offense. Has a strong, sturdy body.

Shooting Guard

AJ English (5)

Was the MVP of PIT and had a stellar performance. The issue with English is that he’ll be 24 years old by Summer League and is older than most all the players at PIT and multiple years older than some players. So he should be a level above at this point.
What really stood out for English on the court was his vision on offense and ability to play a lot of point guard and his intensity on defense. With his 6’9” wingspan he was very active at the top of the defense, made it really hard for the opposing point guard to get anything going offensively. Really played hard, getting on the floor for loose balls, skying up for rebounds. Loves to push the ball in transition, also a product of the super up-tempo system he played in college. Looked like a true combo, able to pass and run offense but also is very dangerous spotting up or killing a closeout with a drive. Physically has an advantage at both guard positions, looked big and strong.

Melvin Johnson (5)

One of the players who really looked better outside of his college at PIT and had somewhat of a breakout performance. Johnson is already a proven shooter and showed off his 3-point stroke at PIT. But what was most impressive was his ability to run pick and roll and also the all-out intensity and effort he played with. Had some really nice passes to rolling bigs, worked very well with Matt Costello. And was a pest defensively. Has such a strong body. Competed all game, every game. Still made some mistakes with the ball but his development beyond being just a shooter was encouraging.

Isaiah Cousins (4)

Hot and cold player who had some of the electric scoring runs of the week. Had some amazing shooting performances. Excellent pull-up jump shooter. Played on the ball a lot, has good vision especially on the drive but wasn’t looking to organize the offense possession to possession. Not much of a driver, intent to stay on the perimeter and hunt for pull-up shots. Had lapses during games, bad live ball turnovers, off target passes, stepped out of bounds, didn’t hustle back after turnovers. Missing some intangibles and ability to control the team if he wants to continue to develop as a PG. Body looked slender, in-between guarding 1’s and 2’s.

Bryn Forbes (3)

Elite shooter. Can shoot off-balance and from really deep. Euroleague level shooter, like a Jimmy Baron type. Still has a skinny frame, didn’t look very strong. Wasn’t good in situations where he tried to pass on the move. Did show some hustle, went after loose balls. His attitude wasn’t always great, wasn’t always engaged with his teammates or communicating. His shooting ability was one of the most elite skills at PIT and the question is how far will it take him.

David Walker (2)

Walker was throwing down windmill dunks in warm-ups, he has great leaping ability. His catch and shoot 3-point shot is very consistent, he’s very smooth. At 6’6” he has above average size for a guard and his vision is solid from playing a lot of 1 and 2 in college. He looks like he has all the skills to be a very good player, especially offensively. But Walker does not play with the proper intensity and strength to bring all those skills together. At PIT he never took over, usually willing to hang out off the ball and rarely took the initiative to make more plays. Walker left you wanting more from him.

Andrew Andrews (2)

Had no feel at PIT, didn’t know when to attack, when to try to score, when to involve his teammates. Took some really bad shots. Needs to be a 2 at the pro level. Started to get into his scoring groove later in the week. Has a pretty solid frame for a guard, hard to stay in front of him when he’s playing physical. Has a lot of scoring potential but needs to cut out all of the unnecessary forcing of plays from his game and develop a better feel.

Josh Adams (2)

Struggled for a lot of PIT but did get in rhythm couple times shooting the ball from deep. Really didn’t show much on-ball decision making skills and constantly pounded the ball. Looked like much more of a 2 than a 1. Can really shoot off the dribble, great bad shot maker. Looked small, will have t­o defend combo’s or 1’s as a Pro. Quickness was ahead of most of the other guards. Scoring talent is there, needs time to develop his decision making.

Retin Obasohan (3)

Strongest guard physically at PIT. His arm muscles are huge. Loves to get in the lane and out-muscle defenders. Played with ‘iso-vision’ most of the week. Sometimes he got hot and sometimes he forced drives to an extreme and threw bad passes. Had a couple crazy athletic dunks. Patricio Garino guarded him at the end of one game when he was heating up and shut him down, length can give him problems. Plays high intensity, in your face defense when on the ball. Had many pluses and minus to his game but is still very inconsistent.

Marvelle Harris (2)

Didn’t have a good week at PIT. Looked slow and wasn’t aggressive at all. Doesn’t have much shake or quickness to his game at all. His body looked heavy (226 lbs), needs to get in better shape to play as a pro guard. Right now is more of a forward with guard height. Did start to his some 3’s but never got into rhythm. Airballed a potential game winning 3 with 10 seconds left in his last game.

Tre Demps (4)

Showed a lot of spark at PIT. Looked much quicker and more aggressive off the dribble than in college. Played more point guard at PIT too. Still mainly a shot creator for himself but showed off a nice mid-range game, really likes to get to his floater. Does not possess top level athleticism or shooting so he has his limits but played with great effort all week.

Trey Freeman (3)

Freeman is a bucket-getter type. Kills the mid-range and can occasionally stretch to 3. If you need points he can go get them but doesn’t always play within team concept. Played with a ton of confidence all week. Stole some in-bounds passes, has some trickiness to his defense. Plays as basically an on-ball 2 but looks small (6’1”, 177lbs)

D’Vauntes Smith-Rivera (2)

Played pretty selfish at PIT, just doesn’t have any feel to his game. Can get hot from deep but generally is playing his own game out there.

Gabe York (2)

Plays with good energy but like Smith-Rivera and Moody, often he is playing selfish basketball. Jacking up bad shots and not involving his teammates, especially early in possessions. Was very aggressive in transition, loves to play fast.

DJ Balentine (1)

In PIT when you aren’t forceful about getting the ball and making plays then you will be hidden. Balentine is slow for a guard, he has a big frame and didn’t make many plays at PIT. Did post up smaller guards on some possessions. And can be a spot-up shooter but isn’t a creator at all.

Small Forward

Marcus Georges-Hunt (4)

Led the most balanced team of the week in scoring. Took a more off-ball role at PIT playing next to Caruso, Andrews, and Melvin Johnson but everyone shared the ball. Physically Georges-Hunt looked like he was in great shape and strength wise he was a notch above almost all of the guards. Played very under control and efficiently chose his times to attack. Strength was very helpful when running into contact near the rim. Still needs to work on changing speeds. Jump shot was much stronger than in-season, hit nine 3’s (3rd at PIT) and is not known as a shooter.

Dyshawn Pierre (4)

Played mainly as a 4 in college but Dayton was undersized and Pierre was displayed as mainly a 3 at PIT. Did very well in this role as a big 3. Has a unique ability to overpower with his physicality but also can really see the floor and threaded some really nice interior passes. Biggest question for him was being able to handle the speed of playing exclusively on the wing and outside shooting. Surprisingly led PIT in 3-point shooting (8/12), given more opportunities here to spot up at the 3-line and he succeeded. Speed might still be an issue but he has a very strong and long body but could be deployed more as a 3/4-type.

Thomas Walkup (5)

Feel for the game is so nice. At PIT some scouts were even wondering if he could play point guard but really as a smart forward he will fit best. Was the engine for his team. Went right at David Walker in their game, used his physicality to push him around. Owns the mid-range, jumper is consistent there. Not a 3-point threat but makes up for that with his mid-range ability, IQ, and strength. He’s quite smooth for being so tough. A player you just want on your team, so tough, plays under control, and his feel for the game is great.

Patricio Garino (4)

Played his game and was a very strong role player all week. He doesn’t have much playmaking but is a key off-ball threat and was the best wing defender at PIT. Really guards guys, was asked to go against 1’s, 2’s, and 3’s, whoever was hot Garino was put on him to shut him down. Had a couple clean blocks on opposing big men. Offensively relied on effort plays and spot-up shots. Body didn’t look too strong but makes up for it with toughness.

Michael Cerrera (5)

Fighter. Showing real emotion at PIT, plays angry a lot of the time. Looked really strong, especially in his upper body. Jumping on the floor for loose balls, playing hard defense, he just got after it. If PF types tried to post him up Carerra would fight them off, work hard to fend off a post entry and a couple times reached around and stole post entry passes. He won’t give up an inch. His offense is still a work in progress, in back to back possessions he airballed a 3 and then swished a 3. Not much of a playmaker at all, should be used almost exclusively off the ball. Not a good ball handler. Had odd but interesting measurments (6’3.5” with 7’1.5” wingspan), if the length negates his height disadvantage then he can play as a 3/4 offensively and guard 2’s, 3’s, and 4’s.

Kyle Collinsworth (1)

Will be in a bit of a transition as a pro as he was a point guard his last two years at BYU but is far too slow to be a full-time PG at the pro level and needs to transition back to the wing like he played early in college. More of a point forward role is needed. Already 24 years old, 25 when next season starts. He needs time to work, has good vision and feel but is slow and not a very good 3-point shooter. Needs to find the right situation, he struggles against a lot of athleticism. But was the WCC Player of the Year and is the NCAA’s all-time leader in triple-doubles but PIT was not a good setting for him.

Abdel Nader (3)

Biggest thing for Nader is he looked in much better shape. Must of lost weight and he looked quicker as well. Played very aggressive offensively, constantly trying to get to the rim. Still has a size and strength advantage for a wing and used it (6’5”, 221Lbs, 7’1” Wingspan). Loves contact, will try to bounce off defenders in the lane. But he’s a black hole, every time he touches it he wants to try to score. Needs to learn to share the ball.

Kellen Dunham (3)

Excellent shooter. Mainly a spot-up threat but has some ability to get his shot off when handling the ball. Good size for a wing. But lacks quickness and playmaking ability. Will need to add something beyond his shooting, which is at a high level.

Shavon Shields (2)

Did a little of everything. Scoring in the mid-range. Made some nice cuts to the rim and scored but it’s not necessarily offense to always rely on. Doesn’t have a good body, is a bit heavy. Smart player but doesn’t have a clear pro role.

Elgin Cook (2)

Ridiculous athlete, amazing transition player. His first game he was hitting 3’s and killing the fast break and looked like an NBA player and his next game he made dumb drives and passes and barely looked like he could play well in the D-League. Has a great body. But right now has no clue how to play and take advantage of talent.

Roosevelt Jones (3)

Jones has a very strange body for basketball (6’3”, 244 lbs, 6’10” wingspan). He plays super hard, was the glue to his team at PIT. Had a game-winning tip-in over multiple defenders who were bigger than him. Will always work hard and share the ball. But is a non-athlete, not a great shooter, and needs to find somewhere as a pro he can play bigger and work as a point forward.

Nick Faust (2)

Very quick for a wing and had some electric dunks. Will shoot from anywhere. Doesn’t play within team concept. Had a ‘diva’ attitude, always looking to make the highlight play. Has scoring talent but will need to develop in the D-League for now.

Quenton DeCousey (1)

Wasn’t really for PIT level. Makes scoring plays on his own but doesn’t help the team very much. Good size for a wing but has a lot to learn.

Power Forward

Dorian Finney-Smith (5)

Super athlete with great length. Had a couple amazing put back dunks and alley-oop finishes. Has a really nice jab step he used to gain space. Played the 3 and the 4, and with other teams playing big-big lineups he easily attacked opposing bigs off the dribble. Took a lot of 3’s, not always good shots but when he chose to dominate, he did. Has some Okaro White to his physical makeup and game. Will definitely get an NBA look and could be drafted, talent level is above PIT but played here because he’s from the area so it was a homecoming of sort.

Ryan Sprangler (3)

Looked like he might need to be more of a 4 or 4/5. Just not that big, was measured at 6’6”, 235lbs. Worked hard, sprinted in for offensive rebounds or tip-ins. Would seal his defender immediately when he had an advantage. Really needs to be more automatic shooting 3’s when he’s open. Was able to out-tough players in college but doesn’t have the size to in the pro’s, needs more inside-outside. Moves well on the perimeter and gets into his pick and pop smoothly but doesn’t shoot every time he’s open. Needs to.

Isaiah Miles (4)

Pure stretch shooting 4. He shoots as soon as the ball touches his hands, think Caleb Green. Can make 3’s from all over the floor, even tough fade-away 3’s. Because he shoots so much he forces the defense to closeout hard and has the ability to one-dribble and pull-up but won’t attack the rim much. Has really good, solid power forward size (6’7”, 218lbs). Just a really good stretch option. But doesn’t play any defense, is a one-way player right now. Did have six blocks during the week but is mainly a highlight defender, not a team defender yet.

James Kelly (4)

Changed his body from the season to PIT, pretty extraordinary how much better he looked. Still a load at 6’6” and 252lbs for a power forward but he moved well all week and was much more active than in college where he was content just throwing up long shots. Big question is if the 3-point shot is real. Strange form, ball goes to the side of the head, was 3/11 from 3. Has some off the dribble game, can drive and use his body to make space. Fairly aware offensive rebounder and an excellent finisher at the rim, power dunker. Defensively he will have some issues with positioning and quickness but is a rim protector as a 4 to a degree.

Jalen Jones (1)

Was a really bad week for him, never got into a groove. Played mostly 4 at Texas A&M but with the excess of bigs saw a lot of time at the 3 at PIT. Doesn’t have the feel to be a 3. Just doesn’t read his teammates well or play off them enough. Everything he tried to do to score required great effort. He played with good aggressiveness but if not in transition or an open spot-up shot, he couldn’t create any offense. Looked smaller than in college (6’5.5”, 226lbs, 6’11” wingspan). Athletically he still has great upside but stuck right now trying to figure out what his game is.

Terry Allen (4)

Crafty, slashing 4-man who played on the great team with Caruso, Andrews, and Melvin Johnson. Likes to dribble drive from the wing and get into his jump hook or all the way to the rim. Jump shot is not reliable but in small doses he can hit 3’s (3/9 at PIT). Really needs space and transition to get going, will work hard and sprint the floor. A point guard like Caruso who will find him is critical. Quite mobile, long, and strong. Interesting defensive prospect because he can switch onto most all forwards and centers.

Shonn Miller (2)

Disappointing week for Miller, he’s still learning how to play and finding his game. Has the touch to shoot from deep and the athleticism to block shots but just can’t put it all together. Doesn’t read the game at all and could play much harder. Doesn’t have any emotion, didn’t seem to take in anything when the coach was talking to him.

Tried to post, spin, spin but nothing and finally Andrews strips him. Really low emotion, looks so quiet even when coaches are talking to him. Athletic and has some game + shot but lacking bball IQ.

Justin Sears (3)

Really hard worker who has only an inside game but the size of a 4/3. Is crazy long (7’3” wingspan). Really ran the floor hard, is just an effort player right now. Led PIT in blocks with 8.

Tyler Harris (2)

Athlete who plays the 4 and 5. Doesn’t play with any consistency or effort. Looks like a player but possession to possession has little impact. Had some put back slams and a couple blocks but produced nothing substantial.

Beau Beech (1)

Just a stretch 4 shooter. Moves the ball, isn’t a shot hog. Wasn’t for PIT level this year.


Matt Costello (5)

Had an amazing week at PIT. 4 years of high-level coaching and competition has gotten Costello ready for the Pro’s. Goes right to the rim on a sprint after setting a ball screen. Denied Garino at the rim, had some big blocks. Dunked all over Jekiri. Works so hard and screens so well. Was really interesting to see how he would get up to finish, looked more athletic. Smart passer, moves the ball. Doesn’t have the highest ceiling of all the bigs but easily is the most ready to contribute.

Gavin Ware (4)

Up and down 5. Banged well, really fought for boards and killed on the defensive glass. Active with his hands, knocked offensive rebounds out of the defensive’s hands, and was grabbing defensive rebounds up at their highest point. Set a ton of ball screens. Got down the court quickly. Is just a worker. Has the perfect size for a modern center in Europe (6’8”, 267lbs, 7’1” wingspan). Really strong, out-muscled many of these lanky/athletic centers at PIT for rebounds. Has a mid-range jumper that he fires without hesitation, sometimes even shoots it too much. Not a good leaper so wasn’t an ideal rim protector but does work to contest shots.

Mike Tobey (4)

Has the legit size a lot of these PIT centers lacked. 6’11” and used every inch of it during the week. Loves to stick his elbows out when he gets rebounds, ass out screens that really moves the defense, and charges into people when he has to for rebounds. He’s a bit old school and uses the big man tricks. Not much of a skill player as far as shooting, footwork, or moves but playing at Virginia he plays smart and hard. Will have to live off offensive rebounds if he wants to score and will work hard defensively. Does have short arms considering his height (7’0.5” wingspan).

Tonye Jekiri (3)

Looked solid defensively and horrible offensively. Hit the side of the backboard with a hook shot. Was sloppy when he got the ball. But is a real presence defensively, he can be your anchor. Active, fights hard for rebounds, always in the right position, and is active with his hands/arms.

Devin Thomas (3)

Cleanup crew type 5, was a garbage man all week just finishing below the rim. Had so many offensive rebounds and layup finishes. Team was playing great, so it was easy for him. Looked slimmed down (248lbs), maybe even too much to lose physical advantage. Finishing everything at the rim, layups on both sides, killed any switch. Could have played with more energy defensively.

Jameel Warney (2)

Really struggled at the beginning of PIT, going up against a much higher level of competition than what he faced in college. Has trouble getting off the ground, was blocked a lot in his first game, also seemed to be carrying some extra weight. When he settled in he showed off his offensive skills, throwing skip passes off of being double teamed and using either hand to finish. Had a huge put back slam to finally show off some athleticism. Really needs to be scoring to prove his worth on the court. Average speed and isn’t a leaper, defensively relies on just strength.

Egidijus Mockevicius (4)

One of the best communicators at PIT. Not only yelling out defensive instructions but was always clapping his teammates on and yelling encouraging words. Struggled vs length inside but won’t always have to face this many long and athletic big men as a pro. Very smart in using different ways to finish in the paint. Uses both sides of the rim. Plays smart but simple basketball and is very effective. Tried to stretch the floor a little but is only a mid-range shooter at best. Runs the floor hard.

Adrain Diaz (4)

One of the big surprises of PIT, led the tournament in dunks. Playing with Caruso helped a lot, finished at least 2 alley-oops per game. Not a post-up threat, is sloppy when he has the ball beyond just a play where he has to dunk or finish at the rim. Intimidating presence inside on defense as a 7-footer but needs to put on strength. Good rim protector but can’t move around a lot on defense. Hustled back on defense.

Jameel McKay (4)

Looks a little bigger physically but still only weighed in at 210lbs. Extremely long and athletic. Yelling to get a stop on defense, he plays with a lot of emotion. Puts it down on players when he dunks, tries to rip the rim off. In traffic just gets up and over defenders. Has no moves 5 feet and out. Tries to block a lot of shots because of crazy leaping ability but just doesn’t have the body to bang. Will need a league with less physicality and a team that gives him very simple actions to execute.

Ryan Anderson (5)

Looked more mobile and athletic at PIT. Tried to throw down some serious dunks on defenders. Really went at guys when he got the ball at the high post or in the paint. Not a shooter at all. Doesn’t have a position to defend. Still kinda slow but his body looked in much better shape, he lost weight. Led PIT in rebounding and was 3rd in scoring, was very effectively offensively.

Kevin Larsen (2)

Looked slow and for an old school level of basketball at PIT. Not a good event for him with all the athletes and ball hogs. Elbow jumper was off but is normally a weapon for him. Did make some nice reads and passes. When he tried to pound the ball inside he had problems, couldn’t jump with the centers at PIT. Defensively he’s a strong body but his lack of quickness really hurts. Smart player, sees the game well, is a very big body but won’t be able to keep up in certain leagues.

Prince Ibeh (2)

NBA Draft prospect because of his body. Many of the centers at PIT are the undersized and athletic/mobile type while Ibeh is traditional center size. He’s a brickhouse. Doesn’t have any game right now, is just someone to mold into something. Has more NBA potential in next 2-3 years than in Europe.

Nathan Boothe (3)

Pick and pop stretch 4/5. Has a really nice jump shot. Wasn’t always hitting at PIT but you can see the form is there. Moved much better than in his college season. Looked much smoother. He also worked on his body, looks leaner. Needs to figure out how to make an impact defensively. But really helped open the floor.

Shaq Goodwin (2)

Makes dumb plays, always wanted to post-up but has no post game. Is powerful athlete who can really run the floor, has the body/athleticism mode of a modern undersized European center but needs to learn a lot. For the D-League.

James Farr (2)

Didn’t do enough dirty work at PIT. Needed to be more like an inside grinder like he was during the season. His PIT team was bad too. Wanted to shoot elbow jumpers, semi-consistent at it.

Tony Parker (1)

Always looks like he doesn’t know what’s going on. Big body who can move well but everything needs to be simple. Also doesn’t play with much effort, needs to really up his motor and basketball IQ.

Octavius Ellis (2)

Has no offensive game. Undersized, has more power forward size. Doesn’t have any 1-1 moves. Just a garbage man. Pretty agile and mobile but also has more the size of a 4 than a 5 but just the game of a 5. Brings good effort.

Shevon Thompson (1)

Doesn’t know how to play yet. Big body but not an athlete. Basically just an offensive-rebounder.

Chris Horton (2)

Offensive rebounder. Doesn’t have any game. Energy and a body to bang. Played at a low college level and it shows, not much polish to his game at all.