Euro Trip Journal: Legadue Playoff Duos

The playoffs in the Italian 2nd division have been hot and passionate per usual. After attending four games, two in the quarters and two in the semi’s, here are some observations about the different ways to go about building the team with the two import players.  Of course budget, the positions you have strong Italians on, fit with coach and... Read more

D-League Development: Rookie Bigs

As always the D-League is a fertile ground for young, developing bigs.  Mainly rookies and a fair amount of NBA assignment players, get their game reps in the D-League.  Large interior bodies are needed around the world and usually it doesn’t take much production to lead to a decent payday.  Long and Poythress were scooped up on end of season... Read more

D-Leaguers Who Didn’t Get An NBA Call-Up

In the D-League this season there were 51 call-ups among 38 players.  That’s a lot.  And usually even one 10-day contract is enough to keep a player around another season to try to make an NBA team out of training camp and if not return to the D-League. Who gets a D-League call-up is varied, wings are always in need so... Read more

Scouting the 2017 Portsmouth Invitational: NBA Draft Prospects

In my 4th trip to PIT this by far the best event.  This senior class isn’t particularly exceptional but some of the best seniors came, making the talent level higher.  Also less tradational big men were invited this year, so instead of classic PIT lineups with two 6’10”ers clogging up the middle, the lineups were more modern and translatable.  The... Read more

2017 ACC Tournament Notebook: Seniors And Juniors On The Rise

After spending five days in New York City watching the ACC Tournament at Barclays Center, below are some notes on the upperclassmen players. With all the players declaring for the NBA Draft (194 Early Entrees), there are plenty of players who will end up undrafted and deciding between an NBA Training Camp + D-League gig or to hop over to Europe/Australia/Asia... Read more