D-League Sleeper List

Defining what exactly a ‘sleeper’ is, can be difficult. I’m sure some people will read this list and automatically know many of the players. But in this context it’s more about how these players have either surprised or improved from last season. One significant trend in the D-League is the jump players take in their second year in the league... Read more

D-League NBA List

With the 2-Way contract deadline looming on January 15th and the D-League Showcase starting, thought it would be a nice exercise to see who the best available players are left in the D-League. This is also applicable for Euroleague and Eurocup teams. And there’s plenty of older vets sticking around the G-League who can make boatloads of money in Asia... Read more

NCAA Warm-Up: Top Senior Guards

With the NCAA season starting and teams globally focusing in on this class of Seniors, here’s a quick positional preview of the upcoming 2018 NCAA Class.  And to start with a wider scope we are going with the Brad Stevens positional theory for easy organizing purposes: Ball-Handlers (Guards), Wings, and Bigs.  Which really means the idea of a ‘point guard’ now... Read more

Video: Team USA/Purdue Universiade Knockout Games

USA advanced past Israel in overtime in the quarter finals, blew out Serbia in the semis and eventually lost to Lithuania, who were without leaders Kacinas & Miniotas, in the final. Top players Serbia: Marko Tejic, Ilja Djokovic. Lithuania: Donatas Tarolis, Martynas Geben, Martynas Sajus, Evaldas Saulys, Ignas Vaitkus, Tomas Dimsa. For context, were the Lithuanian selection an LKL team,... Read more