Euro Trip Journal: German BBL Roundup

After traveling around Germany for a couple of weeks and going to see six different games (4 BBL, 1 Eurocup, 1 FIBA BCL), as well as handful of practices, here are some thoughts and player/prospect notes from the journey.  Was able to see six BBL teams play: Bayreuth, Frankfurt, Bonn, Tubingen, Wurzburg, Bayern, Oldenburg, and Alba. So the notes on players... Read more

NCAA Warm-Up: Top Senior Guards

With the NCAA season starting and teams globally focusing in on this class of Seniors, here’s a quick positional preview of the upcoming 2018 NCAA Class.  And to start with a wider scope we are going with the Brad Stevens positional theory for easy organizing purposes: Ball-Handlers (Guards), Wings, and Bigs.  Which really means the idea of a ‘point guard’ now... Read more