D-League Sleeper List

Defining what exactly a ‘sleeper’ is, can be difficult. I’m sure some people will read this list and automatically know many of the players. But in this context it’s more about how these players have either surprised or improved from last season. One significant trend in the D-League is the jump players take in their second year in the league... Read more

D-League NBA List

With the 2-Way contract deadline looming on January 15th and the D-League Showcase starting, thought it would be a nice exercise to see who the best available players are left in the D-League. This is also applicable for Euroleague and Eurocup teams. And there’s plenty of older vets sticking around the G-League who can make boatloads of money in Asia... Read more

Guide To The New G-League: 2-Way Contracts

2-Way Contract Breakdown With now 26 G-League (not D-League) teams and the last 4 NBA teams needing to eventually form their own farm teams, there is great expansion for the NBA’s minor league.  And not only great but very quick.  Generally the aim of the new teams and new contracts is to keep players at home, in the US, playing... Read more

Making The Jump Part I: Welcome To The Euroleague

Will do a series of these Making The Jump articles with the focus on players moving up in level.  And with an extra focus on rookie, D-League, or NBA players making their first foray into Europe.  The first edition will focus on the Euroleague’s new blood. Jason Thompson: Shandong Golden Stars to Fenerbahce After canvassing the CBA last season for... Read more

D-League Showcase Revisited: Surprise Players

Several players who weren’t on everyone’s notepad make a name for themselves every season, from the now-famous Jonathon Simmons via Raphiael Putney to Coty Clarke, Malcolm Miller or Jabril Trawick. 5th & last day at the Showcase (games 20, 21, 22). Westchester-Canton in the dreaded 10AM tip off. pic.twitter.com/y8YyRUevQh — Simon Jatsch (@sJacas) January 22, 2017 Here’s this year’s crop... Read more

D-League Development: Rookie Bigs

As always the D-League is a fertile ground for young, developing bigs.  Mainly rookies and a fair amount of NBA assignment players, get their game reps in the D-League.  Large interior bodies are needed around the world and usually it doesn’t take much production to lead to a decent payday.  Long and Poythress were scooped up on end of season... Read more

D-Leaguers Who Didn’t Get An NBA Call-Up

In the D-League this season there were 51 call-ups among 38 players.  That’s a lot.  And usually even one 10-day contract is enough to keep a player around another season to try to make an NBA team out of training camp and if not return to the D-League. Who gets a D-League call-up is varied, wings are always in need so... Read more