Euro Trip Journal: German BBL Roundup

After traveling around Germany for a couple of weeks and going to see six different games (4 BBL, 1 Eurocup, 1 FIBA BCL), as well as handful of practices, here are some thoughts and player/prospect notes from the journey.  Was able to see six BBL teams play: Bayreuth, Frankfurt, Bonn, Tubingen, Wurzburg, Bayern, Oldenburg, and Alba. So the notes on players... Read more

Gameday Review (10/24): Basketball Champions League

The BCL has kindly put their live streaming on the esteemed LiveBasketball.TV for a monthly fee. The games will be archived on Youtube but if you want to watch them live, it’s no longer free.  On a Tuesday in front of the screen I was able to watch Elan Chalon vs BK Ventspils, AS Monaco vs Enisey Krasnoyarsk, and PAOK... Read more

Skill Study: Post Centers

In part one of our Skill Study series, I look at up-and-coming import post players. Clips represent performance — the good and the bad. We’re not cherry-picking. Gavin Ware (5.0, 24.0 years, 206cm, class of 2016, Levallois Metropolitans) Post Player Type: Power, deep position, finishing An animal. Establishes deep position, knocks defenders off balance, tremendous finisher with either hand. Good... Read more

Notebook: EuroCup Opening Day Review

Finally Euro Ball is fully invested into the streaming era and we have EuroCup in our Euroleague.TV packages now.  And this enabled a day of sitting around, watching as much EuroCup as possible and writing notes.  Was able to watch Lokomitov Kuban vs. Limoges, Trento vs. Asvel, Lietuvos Rytas vs. Bilbao, and the 2nd half of Unics Kazan vs. Andorra. ... Read more

Early Look Notebook (FIBA BCL Qualifiers): Wing Creators

The FIBA BCL Qualifiers have been a interesting couple weeks of intense basketball. You don’t want to judge or praise too early. It’s a long season. But these QF game really had teams battling to get that BCL payday, it was fierce competition. There was of course a lot of sloppy play and miscommunication that comes with any early season... Read more