U20 Euros 2017 – Wings

Part two of our U20s report. Part one (bigs) here. Top Wing Performers Yovel Zoosman (SF, Israel, 12-May-1998, Maccabi Tel Aviv) An intangibles monster who was arguably the best perimeter defender in Crete. Defends well both on & off ball, weak side or one pass away. Fairly long, very active and smart. Got multiple deflections every game. But it really... Read more

U20 Euros 2017 – Bigs

Part one of our report from Crete. Playmakers & wings follow. Top Performers Vassilis Charalampopoulos (SF/PF/C, Greece, 6-Jan-1997, Panathinaikos) A swiss army knife on this level. Pointless to argue whether he’s to be slotted as a wing or big: Charalampopoulos was the only player in Crete to regularly appear as pick and roll ballhandler, pick and roll screener and in... Read more

Euros in the 2017 NBA Draft: Early Entrants

There are a lot of NBA Draft guides out there where you can find the classic player breakdowns but since we’ve seen all the Euro prospects live over the past few years we thought we’d send out our live game notes with some added context.  So from youth showcases, to pro games, to National Team play, here are our notes... Read more

Eurocamp Day 3: Jaramaz, Bako Run By The Path

In the last and final day of Eurocamp there was a weird mix in the schedule that led to the same All-Star team from the day before play the other American team (The Path).  Which meant that the rest of teams had to disband and players were put into new teams.  The final two games of the day lacked a... Read more

Eurocamp Day 2: Next Generation Talent Delivers

Day 2 of Adidas Eurocamp had the always anticipated Adidas Next Generation game on the schedule, featuring some of the top European 2001 and 2002 prospects. The game turned out to be one of the best of the tournament so far. Saturday also featured Kostja Mushidi and Ognjen Jaramaz, who had both been on playoff duty with Mega Leks on... Read more

Eurocamp Day 1: Defenders And Playmakers Step Up

The 2017 Eurocamp is similar in talent to recent years.  A mix of a slightly older prospects who are already getting pro minutes, in-betweeners looking to get exposure in-between their youth and pro careers, and quite young players with the most promise like Dzanan Musa and Isaac Bonga.  So while there aren’t so many players with NBA potential in the... Read more

Euro Trip Journal: Euroleague ANGT Istanbul Rewind

With the Adidas Eurocamp coming up this weekend, I wanted to dust off the notebook and breakdown some of my favorite and most interesting prospects from the Euroleague Adidas Next Generation Tournament (ANGT) that happened a couple weeks ago in Istanbul. The ‘Finals Stars’ as determined by the Euroleague were: Ivan Fevrier (MVP, CFBB Paris), Yanik Blanc (CFBB Paris), Goga Bitazde... Read more