U20 Euros 2017 – Wings

Part two of our U20s report. Part one (bigs) here. Top Wing Performers Yovel Zoosman (SF, Israel, 12-May-1998, Maccabi Tel Aviv) An intangibles monster who was arguably the best perimeter defender in Crete. Defends well both on & off ball, weak side or one pass away. Fairly long, very active and smart. Got multiple deflections every game. But it really... Read more

U20 Euros 2017 – Bigs

Part one of our report from Crete. Playmakers & wings follow. Top Performers Vassilis Charalampopoulos (SF/PF/C, Greece, 6-Jan-1997, Panathinaikos) A swiss army knife on this level. Pointless to argue whether he’s to be slotted as a wing or big: Charalampopoulos was the only player in Crete to regularly appear as pick and roll ballhandler, pick and roll screener and in... Read more