Making The Jump Part II: Hello Eurocup

Will do a series of these Making The Jump articles with the focus on players moving up in level.  And with an extra focus on rookie, D-League, or NBA players making their first foray into Europe.  The first edition focused on the Euroleague and now it’s time to dive into the new Eurocup Players. Robert Carter Jr: Enel Brindisi to... Read more

Top Year One/Two Imports in Serie A2

The two-imports league Serie A2 is a common rookie/sophomore destination and has frequently served as a trampoline for prospects (though not limited to). This rookie/sophomore list doesn’t include Jalen Reynolds, who joined Reggio Emilia mid-season. John Brown The undersized interior player (as a position, not Brown specifically) has been the basketball community’s wet dream ever since Kyle Hines took Europe by... Read more