D-League NBA List

With the 2-Way contract deadline looming on January 15th and the D-League Showcase starting, thought it would be a nice exercise to see who the best available players are left in the D-League. This is also applicable for Euroleague and Eurocup teams. And there’s plenty of older vets sticking around the G-League who can make boatloads of money in Asia... Read more

Guide To The New G-League: 2-Way Contracts

2-Way Contract Breakdown With now 26 G-League (not D-League) teams and the last 4 NBA teams needing to eventually form their own farm teams, there is great expansion for the NBA’s minor league.  And not only great but very quick.  Generally the aim of the new teams and new contracts is to keep players at home, in the US, playing... Read more

Skill Study: Post Centers

In part one of our Skill Study series, I look at up-and-coming import post players. Clips represent performance — the good and the bad. We’re not cherry-picking. Gavin Ware (5.0, 24.0 years, 206cm, class of 2016, Levallois Metropolitans) Post Player Type: Power, deep position, finishing An animal. Establishes deep position, knocks defenders off balance, tremendous finisher with either hand. Good... Read more

Making The Jump Part II: Hello Eurocup

Will do a series of these Making The Jump articles with the focus on players moving up in level.  And with an extra focus on rookie, D-League, or NBA players making their first foray into Europe.  The first edition focused on the Euroleague and now it’s time to dive into the new Eurocup Players. Robert Carter Jr: Enel Brindisi to... Read more

Top Year One/Two Imports in Serie A2

The two-imports league Serie A2 is a common rookie/sophomore destination and has frequently served as a trampoline for prospects (though not limited to). This rookie/sophomore list doesn’t include Jalen Reynolds, who joined Reggio Emilia mid-season. John Brown The undersized interior player (as a position, not Brown specifically) has been the basketball community’s wet dream ever since Kyle Hines took Europe by... Read more