D-League Sleeper List

Defining what exactly a ‘sleeper’ is, can be difficult. I’m sure some people will read this list and automatically know many of the players. But in this context it’s more about how these players have either surprised or improved from last season. One significant trend in the D-League is the jump players take in their second year in the league... Read more

Skill Study: Post Centers

In part one of our Skill Study series, I look at up-and-coming import post players. Clips represent performance — the good and the bad. We’re not cherry-picking. Gavin Ware (5.0, 24.0 years, 206cm, class of 2016, Levallois Metropolitans) Post Player Type: Power, deep position, finishing An animal. Establishes deep position, knocks defenders off balance, tremendous finisher with either hand. Good... Read more

Making The Jump Part III: Champions League Come Up

I’m doing a series of these Making The Jump articles with the focus on players moving up in level.  And with an extra focus on rookie, D-League, or NBA players making their first foray into Europe and players heading into their second or third season in Europe who are on the rise. Part I: Euroleague Part II: Eurocup And now... Read more

Euro Trip Journal: Legadue Playoff Duos

The playoffs in the Italian 2nd division have been hot and passionate per usual. After attending four games, two in the quarters and two in the semi’s, here are some observations about the different ways to go about building the team with the two import players.  Of course budget, the positions you have strong Italians on, fit with coach and... Read more

Top Year One/Two Imports in Serie A2

The two-imports league Serie A2 is a common rookie/sophomore destination and has frequently served as a trampoline for prospects (though not limited to). This rookie/sophomore list doesn’t include Jalen Reynolds, who joined Reggio Emilia mid-season. John Brown The undersized interior player (as a position, not Brown specifically) has been the basketball community’s wet dream ever since Kyle Hines took Europe by... Read more