Eurocamp Day 2: Next Generation Talent Delivers

Day 2 of Adidas Eurocamp had the always anticipated Adidas Next Generation game on the schedule, featuring some of the top European 2001 and 2002 prospects. The game turned out to be one of the best of the tournament so far.

Saturday also featured Kostja Mushidi and Ognjen Jaramaz, who had both been on playoff duty with Mega Leks on Friday.

Eurocamp Next Generation Game: Top Performers

Mario Nakic (2.5, 200/6-6, 2001, Serbia/Croatia, Real Madrid)

  • Versatile Real Madrid point forward who turns defense into offense by pushing the ball aggressively, getting into the lane and making plays. Finished with 10 points, 8 rebounds, 3 assists, 6 turnovers.
  • Good ballhandler who goes around defenders in transition, including behind the back moves and such. Unselfish, played a lot of drive and kick.
  • Versatile. Crashed the glass hard. Had a putback and two more offensive rebound. Made a fadeaway in the post.
  • Slender, less advanced physically than some of the other Next Generation prospects, but has immense potential.

Leonardo Colimerio (3.0, 196/6-5, 2001, Brazil, Sao José)

  • Bouncy, skinny Brazilian wing who drew oohs and aahs from the crowd. Exploded to the basket off the catch and finished well against contact. Has that extra gear. Very coordinated. Had a difficult lob finish too.
  • Unselfish. Showed super behaviour as a teammate, constantly talking and high-fiving.
  • Doesn’t have a true position on offense yet. Operated well from mid range and the short corner. A lot of quick one/two dribble moves to the hoop.
  • Defended multiple positions, including point guard. Wasn’t credited with a steal but had multiple deflections. Hands are everywhere.

Matej Rudan (4.0, 205/6-8, 2001, Croatia, Cibona)

  • Smooth Cibona stretch four who opened the game by drilling a corner and had a huge first half. Disappeared some in the second.
  • Versatile. Made a three, a baseline fadeaway in the post, had a clever extra pass off the roll catch. Can play.
  • Had two huge blocks, including one in transition.

Tom Digbeu (2.3, 195/6-5, 2001, France, FC Barcelona)

  • Exciting Barcelona wing athlete. Long, shifty, aggressive defender. Had 2 blocks and 2 steals. Finished the game on 12 points (5/8 FG, 2/2 3FG).
  • Attacked the rim aggressively off the catch. Looked outstanding when he let the game come to him and operated off the catch. Had issues when asked to make plays off dribble or in ball screen offense. Super transition player.

Killian Hayes (1.0, 194/6-4, 2001, France, Cholet Basket)

  • Explosive, athletic scoring guard with size. Strong frame. Had 13 points on 6-14 shooting (1-4 from long range).
  • Got to the hoop at will off the dribble. Explosive first step. Puts pressure on the defense in early offense. Pushes the ball hard in transition. Changes speed and direction.
  • Not an early passer, not a ball sharer at this point. Wants to make the play himself.
  • Dominated his matchup on defense. Had a block after fighting through a ball screen, a big transition swat, plus a couple of strips on layups in one-on-one defense.

Tristan Enaruna (3.0, 202/6-7, 2001, Netherlands, BC Apollo)

  • Intriguing, versatile wing prospect. Showed his length and activity on defense; had multiple deflections and three steals. Quiet first half but made his mark in the second.
  • Let the game come to him. Didn’t show any off-dribble game but attacks the paint well off the catch and absorbs contact on close range finishes. Showed good mechanics on long range jumpers. Went 2/3 from three point range.


  • Modestas Kancleris: Skinny Lithuanian shooter. Quiet, doesn’t explode, plays at one pace. Drilled jumpshots but didn’t explode to the rim. Not a slasher at this point, at this level. But can play. Already played ANGT in Kaunas; did well there.
  • Kay Bruhnke: 200cm methodical German point forward who ran in-control offense playing the point guard spot until a blow to the head knocked him out of the game. Confidently went 1-1, drilled a pull up triple, got into the lane multiple times off the dribble and via ball screen.
  • Pavel Zakharov: 206cm slender, mobile combo big who finished with an efficient 12 points (6-8 FG) and 7 rebounds. Played within offense, attacked the basket well off the catch, blocked a van Slooten layup on the other end.
  • Luc Van Slooten: The German JBBL MVP forced a lot of jumpers, didn’t let the game come to him at all. Went 3/12 including 0/6 from long range. Did show the ability to create his own shot a couple of times.

Ismael Bako stands out for the All Stars

Camp decision makers opted to bring some of the top long term prospects into the 5.30pm All Star team versus Team U.S., rather than the camp’s top performers so far. The Euros won 82-62, pressuring the ball aggressively (Ognjen Jaramaz stood out here) and winning the game in transition.

In addition to facing aggressive ball pressure, the inexperienced U.S. team kept running into Ismael Bako (four blocks) and Michael Fusek (two), leading to plenty of stops which the All Star Team competently turned into transition baskets.

Gytis Masiulis is one of the least physically developed bigs at the camp but the smartest guy on the court. Finished on 16 points (6/11 FG, 2/3 3FG). Did a lot of damage running the floor and sealing the first defender back, drilled spot up threes, had a tough runner attacking the close out, moved well off the ball.

Despite a rough start, Yordan Minchev keeps having an excellent tournament, showing his smooth jumpshot, decent athleticism and decision making. One of the weekend’s winners so far.