Eurocamp Day 3: Jaramaz, Bako Run By The Path

In the last and final day of Eurocamp there was a weird mix in the schedule that led to the same All-Star team from the day before play the other American team (The Path).  Which meant that the rest of teams had to disband and players were put into new teams.  The final two games of the day lacked a lot of rhythm and ended up being blowouts.

But overall the camp was a success and there really was some talent that proved itself.  In the main camp roster there were not many players who will go to the NBA but there are a bunch that can play at a high level in Europe.  Since the same All-Star team played together in back to back days and also in the last game of yesterday and the first game of today, we got to know those players quite well and they basically became the players of the tournament.

All Stars vs The Path: Jaramaz to the hoop

The group was comprised of Ognjen Jaramaz, Kostja Mushidi, Isaac Bonga, Dzanan Musa, Yordan Minchev, Arnoldas Kulboka, Hans Vanwijn, Gytis Masiulis, Ismael Bako, and Michael Fusek. They blew out both US teams, beating US Select Team 82-62 and The Path 91-67.

One important thing to note is the age difference between the Americans and the Europeans.  The US players are all 1999 or 2000 born while the Euro All-Stars do have young players born in 1998 and 1999 but some of the guys who dominated — like Jaramaz (1995), Bako (1995), Fusek (1995), and Vanwijn (1995) — are older.

The main characteristics of this All-Star team was skill, athleticism, and versatility.  And the fact that Jaramaz was absolutely killing with all his different finishing moves and drives to the rim.  But the energy started on the wings with Minchev, Vanwijn, Masiulis, and Musa.  These guys are so damn long, tall, and fairly athletic.  They fly around the court, excellent in transition, and look like tall forwards who have guard skills.

In 2017 at any level when players at all positions can grab a rebound or take a steal or block and bring it up the court themselves to start the offense, it adds a totally different tempo to the game.  This was a huge advantage these tall wings brought to the team.  And yes even Bako did this a couple times.  As well as being willing to fling the ball ahead and think quickly.  So while the team didn’t really have a PG, except when Jaramaz was taking over, they had skilled players at every spot who could make plays.  It was really exciting basketball to watch.

NXS All-Camp Team

  • Ognjen Jaramaz: Aggressive. Finished with 24 points , 4 assists, zero turnovers versus the U.S. “The Path” team. Got to the hoop at will via ball screen offense. Explodes to the rim, absorbs contact, finishes against length. Drilled the jumper when they stepped under the ball screen. Measured 194cm in shoes this weekend. Good combo guard size.
  • Abdoulaye N’Doye: Didn’t play since his strong Day 1 performance. Elite stopper who can defend multiple positions and defends as well on- as he defends off the ball. Wingspan is 11.7cm above average for a 199cm tall player.
  • Dzanan Musa: Was a team guy this weekend, didn’t show any selfish moments from the past. Floater game looked good.  He has so much touch.  Also does a great job finding space, contorts his body all different ways to finish around the rim. Caught some tough passes near the basket.
  • Gytis Masiulis: Had a quiet Day 3 where he went 1/4 from long range and contributed little else. Had a competent tournament overall. Had a particularly strong Day 2. Gets the job done.
  • Ismael Bako: Was such a beast running the floor. When he gets moving up and down, it’s a super advantage.  Just runs well for his size, quite fluid. Showed some face-up game and slashing flashes. Can take a pass ay the elbow, in half court or transition, and make a play towards the rim. Not just a drop it off to him in the dunker spot big. Converted a bunch quick drives. Finishes left too.

NXS All-Defensive Team

  • Abdoulaye N’Doye: Best defender in the camp. More about him in our Day 1 Recap.
  • Karim Jallow: Long, athletic, aggressive. Best when defending on the ball. Disruptive, picks up full court. A pest. Measured 199cm in shoes this weekend.
  • Cyrille Eliezer-Vanerot: Played 22 minutes per game for Pro A semi-finalist Paris Levallois because he gets after it on the defensive end. Super pesky and with his long, strong frame it made for a lot to handle. Opposing teams even had trouble in-bounding on the sideline because Venerot would tip every pass.
  • Hans Vanwijn: Was flying all over the court. Has a great body. Moves smoothly and covers so much ground.  Vanwijn was a weapon on defense. Aggressive jump-switches; stayed in front of guards. Dove to the floor. Disciplined transition defense. Great on changing ends, getting back on defense or turning defense into offense. Such a quick converter.
  • Ismael Bako: Mobility and fearlessness stood out. Isn’t afraid to get dunked on; gets in there and contests. Quick jumper. In ball screen defense, picks the ball handler up, moves feet, contests.


  • Arnoldas Kulboka won the all-Baltic three point shootout final. Kohs, Hazners (both Latvia) and Zemaitis (Lithuania) were the remaining finalists. In games, Kulboka hadn’t been able to find his rhythm at all.
  • Abdoulaye N’Doye led Eurocamp in wingspan plus/minus (+11.7cm).1 Kostja Mushidi (+11.3), Cyrille Eliezer-Vanerot (+9.4), Dmytro Skapintsev (+9.0) and Cheick Fayé (+4.9) followed on two to five. Ismael Bako finished sixth at +2.0. Hector Alderete finished bottom at -15.2cm, followed by Mario Ihring (-11.7) and Santi Aldama (-10.5). Yordan Minchev (-9.9) and Dzanan Musa (-9.8) also have short arms.
  1. Actual wingspan minus wingspan average for players +/- 2cm the player’s height. This is not wingspan minus height.