NCAA Warm-Up: Top Senior Wings

The basketball world is wing crazy. And the definition of wing has really expanded. 4’s are now basically just taller wings. And there’s a lot of strong guards now who defend up to the 3. So wings here are classified as anyone who plays between the 2-3-4 and spends a majority of their time, well on the wing. And the reason wings are so sought after is because they are usually the most versatile players on the floor. There’s combo guards, combo forwards, and most all of these players are combo wings. They have some size and fall in-between the 2-3-4.

Once the seasons really gets going we will do a Top 25 ranking for all Seniors.  This is an exercise to get the pool of candidates out there. There are also short statistical notes for players.

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Chandler Hutchison | 3.3 | Boise St.

Really were talking about versatility here and that’s what Hutchison has, especially on offense. He has great feel for the game.  Has some point forward to him at 6’6″ with a 7′ wingspan. Likes to catch it on the move and make a play. Makes pretty simple drives but sees all his options, can make a kick out pass, and has the size and touch to finish plays near the rim. Could play even more aggressive. Senior wings with ball skills rise in the Draft (See W. Iwundu, D. Reed, S. Brown) and Hutchison could too.

Most of the players in this group are mainly 2 of these wing positions, a 2-3 who can play some fake 4 or a 3-4 who can play as a big or post up 2. But Hutchison can cleanly move  between all 3 spots.  In Europe some current examples would be Tyler Honeycutt, Shavon Shields, and DJ Kennedy.

Played a dominant role on offense for his team. Had 18.3 possession finishes per game, Nr.91 in the entire NCAA D1. By far leads this group of 15 wing players in creative possessions (PnR, Iso, Post) with 8.0 per game (incl. passes). Scored a middling 0.862 PPP in creative possessions.

2nd in this wing group in PPG at the rim (6.3; 1.205 PPP).

37% of his half court FGA were jumpshots (4.1FGA/G, 38.5FG%, 47.7eFG%). Went 50 for 130 on jumpshots for the season. 52.3% of his jump shots were pull-up jumpers. Just a 66.5% foul shooter. Did not make a long two pointer in the entire season.

Regular pick and roll player. 5.4 pick and roll possessions per game. Averaged 3.4 transition points per game, 3rd in this group of 15 wing players.

One of just 72 D1 players since 2002 to average better than 17 points, 7 rebounds, 2 assists, 1 steal and 0.5 three pointers per game.

Theo Pinson | 3.3 | UNC

Physically, athletically, he looks the part. Has NBA wing features. Pinson can really guard and is a great transition player but needs to find a bigger half court role this year. His lack of outside shooting is a real worry. Even though his scoring has never taken off, his playmaking has steadily improved. Pinson is more comfortable on the ball rather than just being an off ball slasher. But his touch drastically needs to improve and he has to become a more consistent scorer.

Played 23.8 MPG. Posted averages of 6.1 PTS, 4.6 REB, 3.7 AST, 0.9 STL, 0.2 BLK per game (7.7 PTS, 5.8 REB, 4.6 AST, 1.1 STL, 0.2 BLK per 30 minutes).

Played a point forward type role this season. On-ball player. 53.4% of his possessions were in creative situations.

53% of his half court FGA were jumpshots (2FGA/G, 21.4FG%, 31eFG%). Went just 9 for 42 on jumpshots for the season. Went 0.4 for 1.8 (23.7%) on average from three point range. Made 70.2% of his free throws. The 3rd lowest jumpshot PPP in this group of wing players.

Transition possessions made for 26.8% (very high ratio) of his possessions.

Long arms. 1.06 wingspan to height ratio.

Kelan Martin | 4.0 | Butler

The versatile bigger wing spent last season as a starter and bench player for the Bulldogs. Lets it fly from deep. Pump fake and go, can kill a closeout. Good combination of agility and strength. 4-man who can punish inside and out depending on the matchup.  Better fit in Europe, really think he could make a strong transition Overseas.  Martin came off the bench at times last year but with a coaching change at Butler it will be interesting to see how he’s used this season.

2nd in this group in creative possessions (PnR, Iso, Post) with 4.7 per game. Scored a middling 0.85 PPP in creative possessions.

66% of his half court FGA were jumpshots (6.8FGA/G, 37.5FG%, 48.9eFG%). Went 87 for 232 on jumpshots for the season. 44% of his jump shots were pull-up jumpers.

4.7 FTA/30 minutes. Made 78.4% of his free throws.

Attacks the close out. Nr.32 in at-rim finishes in spot up situations out of 765 NCAA D1 players with more than 1 3FGM and more than 3 spot up finishes per game.

Vince Edwards | 3.7 | Purdue

Slender, role playing Boilermaker will get a chance to see what he can do with the ball in his hands more as a Senior. Played well at the World University Games as Purdue went as Team USA. Edwards is an efficient player, spot-ups, makes quick passes, and is a clean cutter. But he’s off the ball in PnR situations. Needs to show more than being a smart spot-up option. Does defend. Had three 20+ point games in the last five games as Purdue made a run to the Sweet 16 last year. Continuing that aggressiveness will be a big step.

Scored 3.9 PPG at the rim (1.27 PPP), 4th in this wing group.

Versatility. One of just 58 players in NCAA D1 basketball with more than 1 post up possession and more than 1 PnR possession per game. One of just 106 D1 players in 2016-17 with 1 or more three pointers (1.0) and more than 1 post possession (1.3) per game. One of just 23 individual seasons in the Big Ten since 2002 with better than 12 points, 5 rebounds, 3 assists and 1 three pointers made per game.

Svi Mykhailiuk | 2.7 | Kansas

Still in the ‘he’s only ____’ stage where Svi as a senior won’t turn 21 until a couple weeks before the 2018 NBA Draft. Very talented offensive player. His shooting is at a high level and Mykhailiuk was reportedly tearing up nets in his 3 point workouts for NBA teams. Svi has always had some creative to his game. But for Kansas he’s always off the ball, unlike roles he’s had with Ukrainian youth teams. And even though his spot up ability is super, he’s not always consistent. Physically Mykhailiuk doesn’t really affect the game. And he has lapses in concentration. But the time is finally there for him to show off some versatility.

The best jumpshooter in this group. Scored 5.4 jumpshot PPG on 1.22 PPP (42.9 FG%, 61.0 eFG%). Scored 1.39 PPP on pull up jumpers.

Just 1.2 PPG at the rim (1.07 PPP), 2nd lowest number in this wing group.

JP Macura | 2.5 | Xavier

Feisty guard who really embodies Xavier’s style.  Rotates between the 1-2-3, basically is a taller playmaker who can defend any of those positions. He’s in-between a guard and a wing. Super competitor. Harasses the opponent. Fairly efficient, doesn’t pound the ball. Cutter. Isn’t always a graceful finisher. Reports are that he looks even stronger after working out this summer.

Spent a good amount of time on the ball. 34.3% of his possessions were in creative situations (PnR, Iso, Post).

59% of his half court FGA were jumpshots (5.3FGA/G, 36.5FG%, 50.8eFG%). Went 73 for 200 on jumpshots for the season. 18.5% of his jump shots were pull-up jumpers. 3.7 FTA/30 minutes. Made 78.5% of his free throws. 4.8 spot up finishes per game, 26% attack rate. Does attack the close out regularly.

George King | 3.3 | Colorado

Has the physical profile of an NBA wing (6’5″, 7′ wingspan, 215lbs) and has the athleticism to match. Really has potential on defense. Can guard on the ball, tough to get a shot up over or around him. Block and steal numbers aren’t as high as you’ve expect considering all his tools. Slashing, cutting wing. Needs transition, put-backs, some garbage points to get him going. Shot better from 3 as a Sophomore but still is a spot-up threat. Needs to take on a much more aggressive role as an older senior (almost 24).

Typical on-ball/off-ball balance for a wing. 30.1% of his possessions were in creative situations (PnR, Iso, Post).

51% of his half court FGA were jumpshots (3.8FGA/G, 35.4FG%, 50.8eFG%). Went 46 for 130 on jumpshots for the season. 18.5% of his jump shots were pull-up jumpers. Didn’t shoot jumpshots from the mid range. Three or layup player this season. Made just 67.1% of his free throws. 3.7 spot up finishes per game, 17.3% attack rate. Does occasionally attack the close out.

Productive on the offensive glass. Gets putbacks.

Doesn’t get steals. Just 0.5 per 30 minutes.

Trevon Blueitt | 3.3 | Xavier

Bulky wing scorer. His game doesn’t scream NBA prospect but his production is immense and he’s been an impact player since stepping foot on campus. Blueitt is a bit slow but he shoots it well and is tough and strong. Starting to be used more up a position at the 4. Besides spotting up and overpowering small college wings, need to see what other skills can translate.

One of those rare players who regularly play as ballhandler or screener in ball screen offense. Averaged 3.2 pick and roll ballhandler possessions per game (incl. passes) and had 0.9 roll/pop finishes per game (popped on 51% of his ball screens).

Shot hunter who was Nr.29 in D1 in jumpshots attempted per game (9.3). 79.1% of his half court FGA were jumpshots. Made 39.2% of those (51.3eFG%). Nr.10 in D1 in catch and shoot possessions per game. 32.6% of his jump shots were pull-up jumpers (shot a very good 0.963 PPP on pull-ups). Tied for 1st in this wing group in spot up PPG (5.7). Low closeout attack rate (8.7%) in spot up situations; tends to shoot that jumper.

Jaesean Tate | 3.7 | Ohio State

Doesn’t really have a position. Would file him under ‘athlete’. He’s 6’4” and likely near 220-225lbs.  Just a power athlete who looks like he belongs on an athletic field. He reminds me some of PJ Tucker physically when he was in college (and this was before PJ shot 3’s) and doesn’t quite have Tucker’s ball skills. But Tate is a terror near the basket, draws a foul or finishes through you. High post attacker. Puts up some tough shots. Not a jump shooter, bad FT shooter, probably always has to play bigger instead of a full wing transition like Tucker. Plays wild, forces action. Ohio St used him a lot at the 4, was a screener in PnR and stationed in the short corner. Unique player.

Scored 7.7 PPG (1.25 PPP) at the rim, by far leading this group.

2nd lowest jumpshot PPP in this group of wing player. Made just 18.0% (25.0 eFG%) of his jumpshots. Not a good foul shooter. Made just 57.3% of his free throws.

MiKyle McIntosh | 4.0 | Oregon

Illinois St transfer has a strong frame, able to play inside-out. Versatile defensively. Will be put into a big role immediately for his new team. He entered the NBA Draft and feedback was, he was fairly impressive in Draft workouts.  Has that thick but still mobile frame.  Can ideally defend 3-4-5.  There’s some Coty Clarke potential.  He will be Oregon’s Dillon Brooks replacement.

One of just 16 players in D1 basketball last season to average better than one three pointer, one pick and roll possession and one post possession per game.1.

Played on the ball for stretches. 55.0% of his possessions were in creative situations (PnR, Iso, Post). Scored a middling 0.85 PPP in creative situations. High turnover rate (13.2%) in those situations. Scored a decent 1.0 PPP in iso situations.

Shot 32 for 92 (34.8%) from three point range. 46.4% of his halfcourt FGA were jumpshots. 38 FG%/50.0 eFG% on jumpshots. High 26.8% attack rate (runner & layup finishes) in spot up situations.

Below-average 2.2 PPG at the rim, on 0.94 PPP.

Averaged 0.8 blocks per game.

Quick Hits: Need Deeper Looks

Jeffrey Carroll | 3.0 | Oklahoma State

Big, rugged wing athlete. Shooting took off last season. Bulldozing slasher. Translatable skill set. Could really end up rising on this list.


Elijah Stewart | 3.0 |USC

Excellent spot-up shooter. Has some athletic tools, high block rate for a wing. ‘3&D’ mold.

BJ Johnson | 3.5 | La Salle

Super outside shooter, stretch forward. Mainly a 3 but can play stretch 4. Really long, skinny frame. Looking to become more versatile.

Kieta Bates-Diop | 3.7 | Ohio State

Strong, bulky forward. Post-up wing. Elbow attacker. Power athlete, shot blocker Had surgery on a stress fracture in his leg, only played 9 games last season. Eligible for medical red-shirt after last season.

Malik Pope | 3.5 | San Diego State

6’8″, 7’2″ wingspan, and has guard like ball skills. Looks the part. Can do a little of everything (post, drive n kick, shoot, crash o-glass…). Needs production and consistency to match.

  1. Others: Alec Peters, Jalen Moore, Omar Prewitt, Derick Newton, Kevin Hervey, Daniel Dingle, Jamel Artis, Tucker Haymond, Peter Jok, Desi Rodriguez, Lamond Murray, Mark Alstork, Gian Clavell, Joe Cremo, Randy Onwuasor