Scouting the 2017 Portsmouth Invitational: Ready To Contribute

With so many NBA spots needing to be filled, for European teams it just means you have to look harder and deeper for players.  It’s tough to know which players will sign overseas or choose to go to the D-League.  But the players listed below will probably have a decision to make and could be playing in another country next season.  So besides the NBA Draft prospects at the event, these are the best fits to play in Europe or ’Overseas’ next season. Here’s last year’s results:

2016 PIT Signed to Start the Season
NBA: 2
D-League: 25
Overseas:  37

Per usual most of the Italian 1st division had a person scouting PIT and even a handful of teams from the 2nd division.  Spain, France, Germany, and Israel had a couple teams send someone to scout as well.

London Perrantes (1.0, Virginia, 22.5 years)

Best passer at PIT (tied for the tournament lead in assists at 26).  At PIT he was living in the lane, putting the defense into rotations, and finding whoever was open.  Perrantes always would look to set-up his teammates early and would score later, relying mainly on in-the-lane shots (floaters, runners, pull-ups) and 3’s.  Just looked quick and in control, was thinking one step ahead of almost every other player.  Benefited from playing in more ball screen action and getting out in transition, situations he didn’t always have a chance to play in at UVA.  An NBA scout even thought, “Definitely he has a chance to be a back-up NBA PG.”

Daymean Dotson (2.5, Houston, 22.9 years)

Won MVP, team won PIT championship.  Really wanted to prove himself from the moment the tournament started.  Just came out and played hard as hell. Showed some serious on-ball ability, was the best slasher.  Kept aggressively going to the rim.  Had 18 assists to 1 turnover.

Deonte Burton (3.5, Iowa State, 23.2 years)

Truly is a player you can’t put into a position.  Will call him a 3/4 combo forward but it’s really a coaches choice how to best use him.  Mid range killer. He takes crazy shots, lots of pull-ups.  Had the dunk of the week on one fast break. He’s damn loud, communicating, talking to everyone. PIT Measurements: Slightly under 6’5” and 7’ wingspan but weighs 266 lbs.  Doesn’t get more unique than Burton.  High level talent if everything works out.

Zach LeDay (4.7, Virginia Tech, 22.8 years)

A force to be reckoned with.  Plays a style similar style to Wiley where because he’s undersized LeDay always plays with an extra edge.  Sets hard screens, faces-up at the elbows, can drive either way, uses both sides of the rim.  Finishes with touch or through contact.  Was 3rd in both scoring and rebounding.

Jacob Wiley (4.7, Eastern Washington, 22.6 years)

An absolute ball of energy.  In 4 trips to Portsmouth have never seen anyone match the motor Wiley played with.  Was similar to the performance Darion Atkins put on a couple years ago.  An undersized face-up 5, Wiley is only slightly over 6’7”, so often on drives he looks like a small forward, in a good way.  He’s smooth.  Wiley was mainly a 5 in college but he does have a perimeter game, he’s just not much of an outside shooter, didn’t attempt a 3 but did go 10/12 from FT line.  So he can be utilized as a 4/5 because he did drive regularly off a perimeter catch, and would grab n go on defensive rebounds. One NBA scout wondered, “Is Wiley the second best player here?”

Sebastian Saiz (5.0, Ole Miss, 22.7 years)

Just was a warrior.  He’s an enforcer inside.  And he spreads out a 7’5.5” wingspan that make post-up hooks and paint shots very tough to get over.  Was the backbone of the PIT champion and best defensive team there.  Mechanical offensive game, spot-up shots and quick inside finishes.  Not really a post-up player.