Skill Study: Post Guards

Leo Westermann, Vasilije Micic, Luka Doncic, Tolga Gecim and Nigel Williams-Goss are featured in this post.

Euro Ball Post Guards (25 years old and under)

Leo Westermann

Post Player Type: Allrounder. Mid range game, good court vision and timing on kick outs. Has size and developed a fairly strong base, but doesn’t push defenders through the paint.

Early Numbers: 1.6 possessions/game, 1.8 points/game, 43.8 Pass Percentage

Vasilije Micić

Post Player Type: Aggressive, looking to score close to the rim or kick out when the defense collapses. Sees over the defense, is a skilled passer (Zalgiris have a lot of off-ball action going on). Not a shooter in the post.

Early Numbers: 0.7 possessions/game, 1.1 points/game, 57.1 Pass Percentage,

Tolga Geçim

Post Player Type: Long, slender point guard/forward. Uses size not power. Super court vision. Sees and passes over the defense. Unselfish. Dependable short jumper.

Early Numbers: 1.2 possessions/game, 1.3 points/game, 50.0 Pass Percentage

Luka Dončić

Post Player Type: Big body. Aggressive and confident: brings ball upcourt, waves teammates away and goes to work. Footwork and vision. Looks for contact. Short jumper not falling so far.

Early Numbers: 2.0 possessions/game, 2.2 points/game, 40.0 Pass Percentage

Nigel Williams-Goss

Post Player Type: The shortest player on this list. Hasn’t been successful in the post so far in Europe, but was a productive post scorer at Gonzaga. Very smooth short mid range game; tremendous touch in & around the paint. Now needs to produce against bigger guards.

Early Numbers: 0.6 possessions/game, 0.4 points/game, 33.3 Pass Percentage



Honorable Mentions

Zaid Hearst, Stefan Peno

Next Generation

  • ALESSANDRO PAJOLA (PG/SG/SF, ITALY, 9-NOV-1999, 193CM): Big, physical guard who’s an extraordinary defender. Did play the post already in Slovakia last summer. Extremely passing-oriented, almost to a fault.
  • GEORGIOS KALAITZAKIS (PG/SG/SF, GREECE, 2-JAN-1999, 198CM): Had 7 post possessions at the U18s, without much success; but has the skill set and size for it. Scorer.
  • ARNAS VELIČKA (PG, LITHUANIA, 10-DEC-1999, 192CM): Guard with decent size, who has court vision, physicality and super touch on scoop shots. Occasionally went to the post at the U18s. Was a pure passer there.