About Us

Scouting Experience

After 4 years (and going) of scouting, we have worked with teams in Spain, Italy, Germany, Israel, Turkey, Belgium, and Australia. We have worked for teams in first and second division in Italy and Germany. As well as helping NCAA Division I colleges recruit International talent. All of our European first division teams have qualified for the Playoffs, and multiple teams advanced to the Semi-Finals of their League with one team winning their League Championship. Our teams have participated in the Euroleague, Eurocup, FIBA Champions League, and FIBA Europe Cup.

We travel to the FIBA European U18 and U20 Championships in the summer, D-League Showcase, Portsmouth Invitational, Las Vegas NBA Summer League, Eurocamp, Euroleague Final Four, as well as many European pro games throughout the season including tournaments and cups. As well as attending NBA, NCAA, and D-League games throughout the season. We are a full-service scouting company, following prospects for years to get the proper evaluation on them.

Long-Term Scouting Investment

We’re looking to work with teams who not only need talent, character, and financial player evaluations for summer recruitment or for in-season pickup but for clubs and personnel that want a larger scale scouting focus. By following players from either their youth or college careers, into their early pro careers and beyond, we get a full grasp on a player and don’t need to watch synergy clips when a player’s name comes up to potentially sign. Signing up with NextStep Basketball is an investment in your future, not only are we available at any time during the year to answer questions or provide information on players but we provide the tools to constantly be aware of the market, players at all different levels, and the ability to be ready for whenever any situation comes up.


As a ‘young’ GM of a FIBA Europe Cup team it’s difficult to find the real info you need behind the stats and clips. Sam and Simon helped me to enter this intriguing world where all agents say they have “the” player you need for your team. Without the figures, knowledge, network… of NextStep it would have taken me much longer to develop my own strategy and helped me and my club to limit the miscasts. There’s a lot more you need to know about a player than stats, steals, sizes,… More important is the off court info, how he behaves in a group, upside, weaknesses, type of player… All this can be provided by my friends of NextStep Basketball.

– FIBA Europe Cup GM

I think that Simon and Sam prove that there are no shortcuts to success. They stay on top of every league and every division thru dedication, hard work, and an amazing network of contacts. Whenever I have a player question or need info they are very quick and active to help.

– Serie A GM

An interesting website. Easy to consult and valuable for supporters and basketball professionals. Sam and Simon do a great job and are great professionals.

– ACB Sport Director

No one understands the intersection of International and American basketball better than Sam and Simon. I’ve never met an American with more passion for international basketball than Sam, I learn something every time I talk to him.

– NBA Director of Scouting

Whenever I need a reliable source of quality information I can always trust Sam & Simon to deliver.

– Euroleague Scout

Sam and Simon have been analyzing and understanding the game of basketball from different countries on different levels, that’s why they are very good at evaluating the right player for the right club. In scouting you have to be different than the others and this is their advantage. Has to be the right player and in the right situation. In order to find the right player you have to understand every league. They are very good at this.

– Euroleague GM